Blacksmith Yate

If you’re looking for an item of metalwork, either for a practical or aesthetic purpose, one of the choices you’ll have to make is whether to buy a mass-produced item from a retailer or whether to commission a Yate blacksmith to create it for you.

Consider your options
There are benefits and drawbacks of both options. If you buy a ready-made and mass-produced item from a retailer, then you’ll almost certainly pay less than you would if your bought it from a Yate blacksmith. It’s also likely that you’ll be able to acquire your item instantly, rather than waiting for it to be made for you.

Benefits of choosing a Yate blacksmith
However, by choosing to use the services of a Yate blacksmith, you’ll be buying an item that’s hand-made, unique and which could even be created to your own bespoke design. This might take a little longer and cost more, but it will also mean the finished piece is a beautifully crafted and unique object, which can become a real talking point and eye-catching addition to your home or business property.

Support a historic industry
Another reason for choosing to use a Yate blacksmith is that you’ll be supporting the future of an ancient tradition and craft, which has been passed down through the generations. In effect, you’ll be buying your own piece of history.


I have created a diverse range of items over the years. From candlesticks to ornate gates and fire tool sets to large elegant balconies. I enjoy the challenge of meeting my customer’s requirements. No two jobs are ever the same!

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