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[vc_column width=”2/3″]Choosing a Weston-super-Mare blacksmith rather than opting to buy a mass-produced item can have many benefits, including the fact that you’ll be supporting a small but growing renaissance of traditional craftsmanship. After all, blacksmiths have been in existence for almost as long as the human race, because metal has always been a material used for tools and other implements.[vc_single_image image=”68″ img_size=”full” image_position=”normal-align-left” has_link=”false” link_type=”normal” css_animation=”left-to-right”][uxb_divider style=”thin”]Some features of the kind of work you could expect from a Weston-super-Mare blacksmith include the following:

  • even when objects are functional, such as a gate or hanging basket bracket, a blacksmith will always bring a certain level of artistry to the piece
  • you’ll gain a uniqueness and beauty that you wouldn’t find in mass-produced items
  • your blacksmith will be able to use a combination of traditional and modern techniques to produce your item to bespoke specifications
  • the item you receive will be unique and a perfect talking point
  • most blacksmiths are in their job because they love it – so your pieces will be made with dedication and passion for the craft
  • a good Weston-super-Mare blacksmith will always be learning and studying the craft, which also means continual development of pieces that are unique, high-quality and attractive

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Here at Bibstone Blacksmiths, we’re dedicated to constantly learning and discovering new ways of applying traditional artistry and craftsmanship with more modern techniques, so we can continue to create exciting, innovative and unique pieces for our clients. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more.[vc_column width=”1/3″]

    Paul Sheppard
    07852 134 773

    3 Townwell, Cromhall
    GL12 8AQ

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