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The technique of a blacksmith requires a great deal of skill, so any blacksmith working in the Trowbridge area will have undergone a great deal of training. This may have begun in the form of an apprenticeship and is also likely to have included some more formal training, ensuring anyone working as a blacksmith has been able to develop and learn their craft over time.The more experienced a Trowbridge blacksmith, the more skilled they’re likely to be, and able to make a wide range of beautiful and functional objects from metal. While blacksmithing might be seen as a dying art, it is in fact experiencing a resurgence as people become more interested in traditional crafts once again. This means you’ll be able to find a good blacksmith in the Trowbridge area for your commission.

Trowbridge blacksmiths use a range of techniques to create items from metal, which include the following:

  • forging the metal using very high levels of heat heat so that it becomes malleable
  • using special tools to hammer, bend and cut the metal – these include an anvil, hammer, tongs, chisels and more
  • adding the finishing touches to each piece, which will be as unique as the Trowbridge blacksmith who made it.

Be sure to ask your Trowbridge blacksmith about their experience and training, so you can be sure you’re choosing a blacksmith with the skills and artistry to create whatever it is you’re looking for.


I have created a diverse range of items over the years. From candlesticks to ornate gates and fire tool sets to large elegant balconies. I enjoy the challenge of meeting my customer’s requirements. No two jobs are ever the same!

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