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Commissioning a Salisbury blacksmith to create a bespoke item of metalwork can be a very exciting thing to do. After all, not only will you end up with a unique hand-crafted item which has been created according to your specifications, but you’ll be supporting small local craftspeople too.

Working with an artisan such as a blacksmith may be a little daunting if you haven’t commissioned any work before, but there are three easy steps involved, and understanding these can make the whole process easier.

  1. Initial discussions

It’s good to start by meeting your Salisbury blacksmith to discuss your ideas and show them any designs or plans you already have. If you’re commissioning a larger item, they should meet you at the location where it will be installed, so they can take accurate measurements and give you their expert advice about any issues that may arise and the best approach to take.

  1. Design and quotation

Your Salisbury blacksmith will create a final design, either from your own sketches and ideas, or in collaboration with other professionals who may be involved, such as architects or stonemasons. The final design is agreed with you and you’ll get a final quote for the work.

  1. Creation

Your blacksmith will now create and craft your piece in the forge, taking the time necessary to produce the highest quality work.

Paul Sheppard
07852 134 773

3 Townwell, Cromhall
GL12 8AQ

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